MOST of our projects

Our best projects, delivered fresh from MOST’s creative minds

M4 Milano

Metropolitane Milanesi SpA and the Comune of Milano decided to invest in the creation of an innovative visual communication project which brought about the first experiment of this type ever to have taken place in Italy.



Multi-act is a project promoted by the European Union aimed at creating a collective network of institutions and organisations in the medical field for the study of the impact of the research and innovation on the population. MOST created the brand’s identity and all aspects relating to it.


La Lettura

For La Lettura – the Corriere della Sera newspaper’s culture supplement – dedicated to the world of literature; Anna created evocative images which were solidly metaphorical in nature.



We visited Riserva San Massimo where Trippa’s chef picks all his raw materials. We then created a series of shots in the Trippa trattoria documenting the visit by the gang from the restaurant Retrobottega (Rome).



Regas supplies products and services for the equipment and transport systems used in the distribution and utilisation of natural gas. MOST created the visual material for the World Gas Conference in Washington – the key trade fair in the gas sector, integrating graphics, illustrations and animations thanks to the overlay of iPads on the stand’s […]


Amori Moderni

For Amori Moderni, the list in the La Ventisettesima Ora supplement, dedicated to the changes from the last few years in emotional and sexual relationships; Anna created more than 150 images exploring all the various nuances and meanings of love.



Rab is a very special bar / diner which employs people with mild intellectual disabilities. MOST worked alongside the young volunteers from day one, thinking about the naming of the company and creating all its communication and corporate design.



Medboat is a web app which works as a shared calendar to organise the use of timeshare boats. MOST designed the usability and interface in order to create a streamlined, easy to understand app for desktop and mobile use.



Sacmar was founded in 1947 in Milan as a commercial enterprise selling essential oils, firstly Peppermint which was and is still grown today in the fertile Torinese Plain. MOST in collaboration with Ruben Francot – the company’s CEO – deal with the company’s online and offline communication. More specifically, in the last two years they […]



Fetfx is an initiative funded by the European Union through Youris to transform innovative scientific ideas into technology for the future. Under the creative direction of Giulio Bordonaro we developed the animated video which introduces and explains the project.



The video was designed and directed by MOST and produced by Visual Working for the high-end audio brand, Liutanie. It explores the fine attention to detail that the Turin-based company applies to all of its creations.



Bellidinotte is the fundraising arm of the “Handicap…Su la testa!” association whose goal is the social integration of intellectually handicapped people. Every year they organise a variety of events which draw up to 3000 people.


Hello! Bank

For Hello! Bank we created an animated video explaining the Hello! Money account.