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Our best projects, delivered fresh from MOST’s creative minds

Espansione group

Espansione Group is an established player in the MedTech industry focusing on ophthalmic and dermatological solutions to treat a number of conditions via patented, certified, light-based technologies such as Light Modulation® Low-level Light Therapy (LM® LLLT) and Optimal Power Energy® Intense Pulsed Light (OPE® IPL).

espansione behance-RV-10

Bar Vacanze

Bar Vacanze is the first book edited by the “La Settimana Enigmistica”, the historical italian crosswords and puzzle magazine. The book is the perfect companion for the summer days under the beach umbrella, solving a series of light and fun word games. With this in mind we designed a fresh and colourful cover which express quite literally […]



Santinumi is a bar in Rome, serving breakfast, brunch, lunch, aperitivo, dinner and after dinner. MOST has designed the whole identity, inside and outside the venue. Inspired by the Vienna Secession we drew a custom typography, a series of textures and illustrations to be used across the whole bar communication.

cover santinumi

Resilient spaces

The International Postgraduate Master course Resilient Spaces aims to improve professional response to the ongoing global transformations of urban environments given by the current climatic, social and economic crisis.
We’ve designed the website’s structure and the interface and taken care of the development.


I festival jazz in Italia

We created the infographics for the book “I Festival Jazz In Italia. Un’analisi Di Impatto Sul Territorio” by Severino Salvemini, Costanza Sartoris, Arianna Riccardi and published by Manni.The book analyze every major Jazz festival in italy, showing the impact that Jazz festivals have on territories both culturally and economically.​​​​​​​

I festival del jazz in italia

Layers Festival

Layers is a festival of meetings, music, workshops and experiences organized by Router radio. For the first edition, we created the naming and the identity in order to communicate the layers of a new city, colourful, committed and connected.



Revidoo is a user-generated content platform where customers can gather informations, post reviews and share opinions about local enterprises such as hotels and restaurants.What makes it different from other similar platforms is the fact that it’s possible for the one that’s reviewed to write a counter-review, sharing his side of the experience with the customer. […]


Mondadori Education 2019

We designed and created the covers for Mondadori Education’s text books which are used specifically in vocational institutes. The goal of our design is to highlight that knowledge equates to understanding the complexities of a vocation, all of which is obtainable through the unique techniques and instruments used in each profession.


The Stampa Oscars 2019

The Stampa Oscars is a yearly awards event which recognises excellence in the graphics and paper materials industry. MOST has taken care of the concept 2019 for the communications, the production of invitations, the winners’ book and the displays for the event. This project has been awarded best logo awards


Cantine Divinorum

MOST Studio designed Primo’s brand identity (2017): a limited edition wine with sealing wax, produced by Cantine Divinorum. The alchemical symbol of the “spirit of wine” inspired the logo design while the label’s illustration recalls the grapes’ organic shapes and their colors.



Step is an innovation hub specific for the green-tech start-ups. It’s an accelerator and an incubator for every organisation that wants to reduce the emission of greenhouse gasses. MOST has done the Brand identity, the interface of the website and the illustrations.


Frida Bar

For 15 years Frida Bar is a reality in the Isola district’s heart, in Milan.Cocktail bar, restaurant, shop and exhibition space as well.MOST designed the web interface and did the shooting.



Regas supplies products and services for the equipment and transport systems used in the distribution and utilisation of natural gas. MOST designed the remake of the brand identity, bringing it on all the company’s communication materials: brochures, cards and business cards as well as animations to explain the company’s various products.


M4 Milano

Metropolitane Milanesi SpA and the Comune of Milano decided to invest in the creation of an innovative visual communication project which brought about the first experiment of this type ever to have taken place in Italy.


The Stampa Oscars 2018

The Stampa Oscars is a yearly awards event which recognises excellence in the graphics and paper materials industry. For the past 6 years, MOST has taken care of the concept of communications, the production of invitations, the winners’ book and the displays for the event.



Multi-act is a project promoted by the European Union aimed at creating a collective network of institutions and organisations in the medical field for the study of the impact of the research and innovation on the population. MOST created the brand’s identity and all aspects relating to it.



Medboat is a web app which works as a shared calendar to organise the use of timeshare boats. MOST designed the usability and interface in order to create a streamlined, easy to understand app for desktop and mobile use.


Gusto Emilia

Gusto Emilia is a Parmigiano Reggiano D.O.P retailer, specialised in the selection of Appennino Reggiano’s best wheels. We did a shooting showing the different stages of product realization.



For Rivo Gin we designed and created the video which showcases the locations around Lake Como where the botanical materials are collected and then used in the preparation of the distilled beverage.



Geromìno is a gourmet pizzeria that offers pizzas prepared with the best ingredients.MOST designed and created the digital illustrations that decorate the restaurant’s walls: the ingredients come alive and stage small comical sketches.



Etso is a project belonging to architect and designer Ettore Soffientini, created to present bookcase x to Dutch Design week in 2018. Designed and produced in Italy, Bookcase X is a “personal bookcase” made up of 6  laser-cut metallic elements. MOST created the brand’s identity and its various adaptations on promotional cards and flyers.



We visited Riserva San Massimo where Trippa’s chef picks all his raw materials. We then created a series of shots in the Trippa trattoria documenting the visit by the gang from the restaurant Retrobottega (Rome).


Guidine fluviali

For Touring Club Italiano, MOST curated the graphics on the box of the guidine fluviali, a series of nautical guides dedicated to the channels of the Ticino, Adige and Adda, published for the first time in 1936. Anna created the illustration firstly inspired by and then renewing the drawing from the original 1930’s edition whilst […]



Bellidinotte is the fundraising arm of the “Handicap…Su la testa!” association whose goal is the social integration of intellectually handicapped people. Every year they organise a variety of events which draw up to 3000 people.


Re Fosco

Re Fosco is a bar situated in via Calimero in the historic centre of Milan. A café with a kitchen, it serves traditional dishes with a modern twist. MOST created a corporate design which is contemporary yet traditional at the same time, using modern elements like typography combined with classic details like Victorian illustrations.



Rab is a very special bar / diner which employs people with mild intellectual disabilities. MOST worked alongside the young volunteers from day one, thinking about the naming of the company and creating all its communication and corporate design.



Sacmar was founded in 1947 in Milan as a commercial enterprise selling essential oils, firstly Peppermint which was and is still grown today in the fertile Torinese Plain. MOST in collaboration with Ruben Francot – the company’s CEO – deal with the company’s online and offline communication. More specifically, in the last two years they […]