Medboat is a web app which works as a shared calendar to organise the use of timeshare boats. MOST designed the usability and interface in order to create a streamlined, easy to understand app for desktop and mobile use.



Multi-act is a project promoted by the European Union aimed at creating a collective network of institutions and organisations in the medical field for the study of the impact of the research and innovation on the population. MOST created the brand’s identity and all aspects relating to it.


Frida Bar

For 15 years Frida Bar is a reality in the Isola district’s heart, in Milan.Cocktail bar, restaurant, shop and exhibition space as well.MOST designed the web interface and did the shooting.



Step is an innovation hub specific for the green-tech start-ups. It’s an accelerator and an incubator for every organisation that wants to reduce the emission of greenhouse gasses. MOST has done the Brand identity, the interface of the website and the illustrations.



Revidoo is a user-generated content platform where customers can gather informations, post reviews and share opinions about local enterprises such as hotels and restaurants.What makes it different from other similar platforms is the fact that it’s possible for the one that’s reviewed to write a counter-review, sharing his side of the experience with the customer. […]


Layers Festival

Layers is a festival of meetings, music, workshops and experiences organized by Router radio. For the first edition, we created the naming and the identity in order to communicate the layers of a new city, colourful, committed and connected.


Resilient spaces

The International Postgraduate Master course Resilient Spaces aims to improve professional response to the ongoing global transformations of urban environments given by the current climatic, social and economic crisis.
We’ve designed the website’s structure and the interface and taken care of the development.



Santinumi is a bar in Rome, serving breakfast, brunch, lunch, aperitivo, dinner and after dinner. MOST has designed the whole identity, inside and outside the venue. Inspired by the Vienna Secession we drew a custom typography, a series of textures and illustrations to be used across the whole bar communication.

cover santinumi

Espansione group

Espansione Group is an established player in the MedTech industry focusing on ophthalmic and dermatological solutions to treat a number of conditions via patented, certified, light-based technologies such as Light Modulation® Low-level Light Therapy (LM® LLLT) and Optimal Power Energy® Intense Pulsed Light (OPE® IPL).

espansione behance-RV-10